Clementine Roy, CARCASSE (Film)
am 01.01.2016 Rohschnitte@Hausen

Clementine Roy zeigt den Rohschnitt ihres Films CARCASSE, der sich im Spannungsfeld zwischen Fiktion und Dokumentation bewegt.

France, Iceland, 2017
60 min 26 sec
Directed by Clémentine Roy and Gústav geir Bollason


On a sparsely populated island, a group of people and animals go about their daily routine. Confronted with a hostile environment, the community must adapt to survive without the use of carbon-intensive technology. Slowly, new solutions for agriculture and transportation emerge through the recycling of mass-produced machines, now defunct. The film is set in an undated era of archaism, where our present seems to be the past and where we live in a hybrid world with a renewed relationship to the landscape.

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