Joris Bas Backer

Joris Bas Backer

Lonely Star Residency
Juli 2023

Joris Bas Backer is a comic artist and illustrator. Growing up, he lived in the Hague, Bucharest, New York and a small Dutch suburb town and early on became an attentive observer of people. As a child, to know how to behave, he studied other people. He now writes stories to try to make sense of the world.

He studied visual arts in Amsterdam and Rhode Island, and since 2003 he lives in Berlin, Germany. He has co-founded and worked for long periods in the art collectives Palatti and Chicks on Comics. Starting 2013, Nettmann and him told nothing but the truth about parenting in their webcomic Familienjuwelen, published in bookform by Jaja Verlag in 2018.

He is currently working on a new graphic novel. You can follow him at his instagram page where he reguarly documents his working process.

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