Lonely Star –


Unsere Residenz bietet Künstler*innen jeder Sparte Raum, Zeit und eine angenehme Arbeitsumgebung. Ohne die Ablenkungen der Großstadt, mitten in der Natur, kann man sich hier ganz auf die künstlerische Praxis konzentrieren. Wir freuen uns über eine öffentliche Präsentation der Arbeiten am Ende des Aufenthalts.

Our residency offers artists the time, space and environment for pursuing their work. The location provides freedom from distractions of the city to help focus on the artistic practice. Artists are encouraged to present their works to the public in a small exhibition or discussion.

National and international artists of all backgrounds, genders and sexual preferences can apply for a studio apartment anytime for a minimum of 2 weeks between May and October. We welcome poets, sculptors, painters and drawers, concept artists, video artists, performance artists and writers.

Residency period: May 1st until October 1st

Accommodation: Participants will live in a newly renovated private section of the house with a 10 m2 furnished bedroom and an adjacent 20 m2 studio space.

Studio Spaces & Facilities: The studio space is around 20 m2 with two windows. The studio is equipped with free WiFi, a table, basic tools and can be used by all practices. The floors are concrete and the room is lit with overhead fluorescent lighting. The outside 1200 m2 garden can be used for working as well. The fully equipped kitchen and two bathrooms are shared. The large house has big commonly shared rooms, like a lounge, living room, big sunny balcony and living kitchen, still partially in rough and unfinished condition.

Paid by Host: Welcome-dinner with the inhabitants. Wifi, water, electricity.

Paid by artist: monthly studio rent is 400,00€. Artists pay for any travel expenses to and from the residency site in addition to food and any other needs. Materials, special equipment and tools artists might need. Visiting friends and partners are required to pay an additional service charge.

Application: no application fee.
Email the following materials to residency@hausen-ev.de
Artists must submit up to 10 images in 1 PDF up to 10MB and/or links to a website. CV with Name, e-mail, Telephone number and preferred period of stay. Minimum 4 weeks.

Deadline: Hausen is accepting applications all year.

Bisherige Künstler*innen:

Joris Bas Backer
Susanne Albrecht
Gwendolyn Kerber
Lÿdia Schulz
Bärbel Praun
Clarissa Thieme
Martin Jackson
Annett Lau
GeoVanna Gonzales